Wednesday Wasabi: Ruri Saijo—This One Goes to 111

Ruri SaijoUnderstanding bodily measurements isn’t easy. Different countries do it different ways, and you’ve got your band size, your cup size — we have the hang of it when it comes to American girls, and we’re pretty sure we know how to convert that to the English system.

(Yesterday, for example, we had UK-based Danish model Malene Espensen, who is said to be 32FF, which might be roughly synonymous with 32G in the UK and therefore a 32F in the States. In other words, big.)

But in Japan — oh, Japan. First of all, they use the metric system, which makes their measurements 90% nonsense to Americans to begin with. On top of that, there seems to be a mania for advertising middle-of-the-alphabet cup sizes that are clearly made up.

This wasabi-ful Wednesday is January 11. That’s 1/11. Does some Japanese model, under their crazy system, claim breasts measuring “111″ something-or-others? Is that even within the realm of possibility? And if so what does that look like?

Ruri Saijo

Indeed we found one model who does claim 111; her name is Ruri Saijo and she is said to measure 111 cm and fill an “M-cup.” What?! M-cup? She’s on the large side, but she’s not in the freakshow boobs category.

For the record, 111M is off the chart at the International Bra Converter; gives Ruri a reasonable 36H measurement.

Enough numbers and words. Pictures please.