Wednesday Totty: Rosie Jones, Stacey Massey Nudem for Duke Nukem

Rosie Jones and Stacey Massey for Duke Nukem“It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all out of gum.”

Such were the words of Duke Nukem, the cigar-chompin’ first-person-shootin’ hero of the Duke Nukem game franchise, which put out its last installment, Duke Nukem 3D, around the time Monica Lewinsky was honing her stenography skills with President Clinton.

Shrink ray? Good ol’ shotgun? RPG to take out the boss? Good times.

Duke 3D was the last installment of a great (if primitive) franchise — until now. Duke Nukem Forever, easily the most-delayed video game title of all time, has finally been released. And there was much rejoicing.

The site Duke Nudem was set up to promote the game — Duke Nudem is like Duke Nukem except that it’s a shooting gallery where you’re trying to undress women by hitting targets. In other words, it is really nothing like the game, but it has boobies.

If you’re quick enough with the mouse, it’s NSFW (otherwise it’s just frustrating): Duke Nudem.

(If you suck, you need not fear so much as a glimpse of boob.)

What’s really cool/surprising is that one of the chicks on the Duke Nudem site is our buddy Rosie Jones, who has perhaps the most beloved boobs in all of Britain right now (Keeley who?). Nice to see that the girl isn’t so pleased with herself that she won’t get them out for product-flogging and a wad of cash (they did give you the cash, right Rosie?).

Know your audience!

(Keeley who?)

There are actually four Duke Nudem models: Rosie Jones, Vicky Adams, Jo-Louise Kelsey and Stacey Massey. The marquee girls here are Rosie and Stacey Massey, who are in fact lesbian lovers (not intended to be a factual statement), but we see much, much potential in Ms. Adams and Ms. Kelsey.

We got pictures of them all, below.

(Raise your hand if you would like more pictures of Rosie holding large guns. Because we have some of those. Watch this space.)