Rosie Jones and #SupportPage3: They Hate These Cans!

Rosie JonesWeeeeell… you can see this sort of thing coming a mile away. And in fact it’s been tried before.

People are going after Page 3 in the UK.

Page 3 is the page in The Sun (other tabloids have it too) that features a photo of a topless woman every day of the week. There’s a campaign now to end it — they’ve got a Twitter feed called @NoMorePage3 and a petition and everything.

Well the Page 3 Girls aren’t too happy about this development — and they’re responding. Many of the Page 3 Girls we’ve featured on this site are tweeting up a storm, using the hashtag #SupportPage3, and if we’re to pick a figurehead it might as well be Rosie Jones. Rosie is the alpha-female of Page 3 these days, and the girl magazines most want for their covers, so it’s logical that she’d be on the banner somebody (not us) made. And here she is:

Rosie Jones

We got that off of her Twitter page, which is @rosieofthejones. (And yes, we know the graphic says #KeepPage3 not #SupportPage3 — Occupy Wall Street was a mess at the start too.) Support Page 3 has its own petition and a Facebook page suitable for your liking.

Anyway, this wouldn’t necessarily be cause for alarm but for two very ominous developments. One, we hear there hasn’t been a Page 3 Girl in the Sun for two days running, and two, Rupert Murdoch responded to one of these anti-Page 3 tweeters — saying he’s “considering” whether to keep or ditch the lovely girls.

So there you go. There’s a credible threat to institution that brought you everyone from Keeley Hazell to Lacey Banghard to one Rosie Jones — who looks like this:

And our use of the phrase “they hate these cans” up there in the header? Well, we hope that rang a bell, but if it didn’t you should study this clip from The Jerk:

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