Happy Opening Day from Rosa Acosta, Vanessa Veasley & Katie Banks

Today is supposedly National Cleavage Day, a holiday started in South Africa by Wonderbra. That is what we read, anyway, at the National Cleavage Day entry at Wikipedia, although it’s well out of date.

Don’t tell twitter, though — tweetsters are all over it, and they’re hashtagging that shit: #nationalcleavageday.

Color us mildly amused — around here, every day is cleavage day. Welcome to our world. As far as we’re concerned the rest of the world is wearing their Girlwatcher hat for a day. Fun, ain’t it?

This is better: Rosa Acosta getting the message out with very tight t-shirts and shaking of the booty. We are not sure what the message is, but we like the delivery.

Oddly enough there isn’t all that much cleavage in Rosa’s very satisfying video. (Unless you count butt crack and cameltoe, which are in a strict sense “cleavage” as something is being cleaved.)

Rosa’s friend Vanessa Veasley has some cleavage for you. Big cleavage. Crappily short video, but we have the feeling there is more footage where this came from.

All this reminds us of a video a Girlwatcher friend made — Jeebus, over a month ago now — in which she told the world something very special. She had something, har har, to get off her chest. Actually, she put a little something extra on her chest. It’s Katie Banks of KatieBanks.com announcing her upgrade to 30I boobs. (That’s thirty-eye boobs. Not 301 boobs. That would be very strange. It is our view that a woman should have no more than two.)

To sum up:

It may or may not be National Cleavage Day.

Rosa Acosta may or may not be making a profound statement on race and immigration with her boobs.

We may or may not see more of Vanessa Veasley’s awesome photo shoot by a French guy.

You may or may not approve of Katie Banks pumping her girls up to 30I.

Come on, can’t we say anything for sure? Is there one goddamn indisputable fact in this entire blog post?

Today is definitely Major League Baseball opening day. We are sure of that. And we are sure that the Mets need all the help they can get. Here’s Tehmeena Afzal taking one for the team.

Tehmeena / Ms. Meena SEXY “New York Mets” Tribute video from TEHMEENA AFZAL on Vimeo.