Rosa Acosta is Queen Bee of Honey Series. Agree or Disagree?

Rosa AcostaLook kids, there are people in this world who will tell you that life isn’t just a big popularity contest. Those people are wrong. Life is the biggest popularity contest, and some people will come out on top and others will not. Some will come in second place, some in third, some DFL, but you know what? That’s life.

Last week we told you that Frank D. aka Frank Hotsauce would be putting his “Honey Series” of photos online today (Monday), and indeed it is now live for you to enjoy.

Front to back, top to bottom, this is some of the hottest babe photography we’ve seen all year, and all last year, and there are many amazing galleries. Maybe you dig Jeny Romero’s pictures — a fine choice. Maybe Ashley Logan gets you buzzing — hey, that’s understandable. Got Lia Cha? We can respect that.

There are 30 galleries of 29 models at, and we pored over each one before picking our winner. We suggest you do the same.

We have Rosa Acosta winning this one. Agree or disagree?