Rosa Acosta and Vicky Vette Join the 200,000 Club

Rosa Acosta and Vicky VetteKim Kardashian has 11,285,607

Sarah Silverman has 2,294,818

Ashley Greene has 1,324,756

Heidi Montag has 1,241,776

Holly Madison has 954,914

Pamela Anderson has 445,124

Jenna Jameson has 340,016

I’m talking of course about Twitter followers, the best measure we have yet devised for deciding who’s winning this giant popularity contest we call the internet.

A couple of very watchable girls passed a milestone last week—an impressive milestone given they’ve never had their own TV show and aren’t (yet) regarded as living legends of porn. They are Rosa Acosta and Vicky Vette, both of whom passed the 200,000 followers mark within (I believe) the last few days. Rosa is a video vixen known for rump-focused photo spreads in magazines and impossible feats of elasticity; Vicky is a MILF porn star known for different sorts of spreads and elasticity. They don’t have too much in common except that they are sexy and adored by their loyal fans.

To celebrate the occasion, enjoy these two sexy videos of each plus a buttload of pictures.

The girl with Vicky is Sara Jay, who deserves a little love not for passing 150,000 followers (which she just did) but because today is her birthday.