Wednesday Wasabi: Risa Kasumi is Excited About ‘The Playboy Club’

Risa KasumiActually, I don’t know whether that’s true. I don’t know what excites Risa, or whether she even knows there is a new TV series called The Playboy Club. What I do know is that like so many Japanese models, she has posed in a strange getup that includes non-standard Bunny costume. Like this:

Risa Kasumi

And this:

Risa Kasumi

And, uh, this:

Risa Kasumi

What is that? You would never see that in the Playboy world. Bunny ears are part of the Bunny costume, not an accessory to be randomly slapped on a girl in naugahyde bra and panties. Or a girl in a bikini, like Yuma Asami:

Yuma Asami

If you’ve checked out a Wednesday Wasabi in the past, you might have seen other girls in ears — though I often avoid it because it’s a little too weird for American tastes. But with cleavage like this, I couldn’t not post this shot of a leopardy Yuri Kobayashi:

Yuri Kobayashi

And Yuuri Morishita in an entire cow getup was just too weird to pass up:

Yuuri Morishita

Kirara Asuka as a cartoony tiger is Grrrrreat!:

Kirara Asuka

And then we had a slew of Japanese cosplayers. Like this one, with not just ears but a tail:

Japanese cosplay

Tail, or AK-47. AK-47 works too:

Japanese cosplay

AK-47 or golf club, whatever:

Japanese cosplay

I think it’s just about the ears, when you get down to it. Do the Japanese models and their admirers like Playboy? Eh, maybe. Do they like the look of the iconic Playboy Bunny? Eh, maybe. Do they just like silly animal ears? Bingo. Here’s more Risa Kasumi, and in most pictures she isn’t wearing ears.