British Boobs + Daily Show = Winning. Hooray for Rhian Sugden

Rhian SugdenWe hear from our friends at Girl Management in London that Rhian Sugden is shooting a comedy segment for the telly at the Girl offices. Some American TV show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Far as we can tell they’re talking to British stereotypes about a Royal wedding that apparently has the entire country foaming at the mouth. John Oliver asking “Is this going to be a special day in your life, or the best day of your life?”–something like that. One of the British stereotypes is the wholesome and topless Page 3 Girl, played in this case by the wholesome and topless Page 3 Girl Rhian Sugden. She will be topless for the interview, but pixelized for Comedy Central. Aww, man.

Still, this is great news and we are happy to share it! We don’t ask for praise, we don’t ask for thanks. All we ask is that when the segment airs (perhaps next week) you feel a vague sense of deja vu which you dismiss with a shrug. That would mean oh so much to us.

Rhian’s site, launching soon, is If you’d like to read her recap on the shoot, you can (probably) find it at