Refresher Course: Get to Know Miss December 2006, Kia Drayton, All Over Again

Playmate Kia Drayton

What were you doing in December of 2006? Give it some thought. Remember? Six years before the fated end of the Mayan calendar, a few years after Y2K.

Nothing? Right. Probably you were in diapers.

But that’s exactly why you need a little TSJ refresher course: Get to know Kia Drayton, Miss December 2006, whydontcha. Kia, not to be confused with the wee car that is also named Kia, is all grown up and studying law at UCLA these days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wax nostalgic, and enjoy her heyday as a sexytime model, now does it?

I think we owe it to ourselves.



Pics courtesy of Barry Smith, Studio8 Photography