Reasons to be Thankful: Beyonce, Jordan Carver, Cee-Lo’s Girls

Jordan Carver as Pocahontas
Happy Thanksgiving, Girlwatchers. Here, in no particular order, are some things we’re thankful for. A nod to Jordan “Pocahontas” Carver (above), there’s more of her below.

Beyonce’s commercial

…for her new fragrance, “Sideboob” “Heat.” This was considered too risque for British TV, which is weird because there is a topless woman in the British newspaper every day.


…a new(ish) video from the sexy people at Jacques magazine. (They were responsible for the famous hot chick bowling video.) Russ Meyer, eat your heart out:

Straightaway from Jacques Magazine on Vimeo.

Taking a little off the top

…in Australia. Yes, topless female barbers. A perfect outing to remedy that what-do-we-do-now feeling that descends after Thanksgiving dinner. Or would be, if they had Thanksgiving in Australia.

Scarlet Fever

…Cee-Lo Green’s all-girl backing band. That would be Theresa Flaminio (keys), Sharon Aguilar (guitar), Regina Zernay (bass) and Brittany Brooks (drums) — seeing them rock the Colbert Report was one of our favorite basic-cable moments of 2010.

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Jordan Carver

…the first interview we did for TSJ, has just won the Miss Cobra Seats competition. She is also dressed as Pocahontas, and who doesn’t like the sight of a busty German babe in sexualized, historically-inaccurate Native American costume? Well, maybe Native Americans. Sorry — we do not wish to offend, but cleavage like this cannot be denied.

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