Ass Oddity

Fake Nike Ad

You may have seen this Nike ad making the rounds: “My Butt is Big.” It’s a fine, provocative advertisement, a woman with a little junk in the trunk saying she’s round and proud—hey, we think it’s a great butt too. But what does this mean?:

“It’s my embassador to those who walk behind me”

Huh? “Embassador” isn’t a word. And why this?:

“ten thousand lunges has made it rounder but not smaller”

Hmm, that would be have made, not has made. And why does the text manage to use “it’s” correctly three times, but twice uses the apostrophe-free “thats”? This is obviously a fake, there is no way Nike would produce and publish a print advertisement so riddled with basic errors. But…who would fake this ad?

Here’s the original advertisement, vintage 2005, from the Nike site. Different picture, same words, without all the errors.


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