Rachel Bloom: You Can Touch My Boobies

Rachel Bloom, You Can Touch My BoobiesBig breasts and comedy can be a tricky combination. It may be that the male brain has trouble simultaneously desiring something and laughing in its general direction. The back roads of humor are littered with the corpses — the shapely corpses — of the likes of Julie Brown, Rhonda Shear, and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Jiggly ladies who tried for the laughs but were, bottom line, just as entertaining (ok, more entertaining) when watched with the sound turned down.

That history makes this video by Rachel Bloom, “You Can Touch My Boobies,” all the better. It’s about breasts and it’s funny. This poor little kid, Jeffrey Goldstein, has a sexy dream about sex words he doesn’t understand (really, as if “labia” were at all self-explanatory) and sex products he doesn’t understand (we’ve never seen a tampon inserted into a condom before), but mostly about Rachel’s boobies. He may be confused about everything else, but he knows a nice pair when he sees it. Next stop, intercourse!

We commend Rachel on making a music video about boobs that is actually pretty funny. We also commend her on having pretty nice boobs.