Girl on Girl: Priscilla Caripan and Jessica Vaugn

Priscilla Caripan

Priscilla is a sexy Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week I met on a shoot in LA a few months ago. This smiling Canadian bombshell wants you to learn the unspoken words that give you the go-ahead to approach her, the traits of her ideal man and what he can get her at the bar! If you’re a Cyber Club member, keep her in mind for your vote for Cyber Girl of the Month, after all, doesn’t she look like CGOY material? We think so.

Hometown/Where you live now:

Toronto , Canada

Congrats on Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week! Were you excited to be a Playboy model?

Yes! It has always been a dream to pose for Playboy.

Did you tell your family you posed nude for Playboy? How did they react?

I did tell my family, and they’re all very supportive. Although my younger brother felt a little awkward hearing the news!

What is the best part of being Canadian?

Best part about being Canadian is being a part of a Multi-cultural country. Coming from Chile, I truly do see the beauty in Canada embracing everyone’s roots. I love being Canadian!

Who is your hero?

Neil Patrick Harris

The characteristics of my ideal man are…

Funny, hard working and a family man.

Fave drink from the bar is…

Corona, or crispy crunch shots. MmMm…

The day I wish I could live over and over is…

I would never want to relive a day because everyday is exciting and you get to make new memories.

Being a married woman yourself, what do you think of Kim Kardashian’s brief marriage?

Unfortunately, regardless of your status, it’s safe to say that things happen for a reason, and you never know… they could get back together.

What is your biggest modeling goal?

My biggest modeling goal would be to be recognized internationally, and to continue working with Playboy.

The biggest thing I want my fans to know about me is…

I’m an approachable person so never assume that I won’t talk to you.

Who is coming to your celebrity threesome?

Brooklyn Decker and Miranda Kerr would be my pick in my threesome!

What is your signal for a guy to make his move?

A smile, or a wink usually gives the guy the go ahead to approach me.

What is the most treasured gift a guy has given you?

A ring, it was from Italy.

Where can we find you online?

Twitter: @PCaripan
Model Mayhem: