Press Play: Alina Devecerski, “Jag svär”

TSJ reports live from Sweden today — like for reals. We wouldn’t Internet prank that shit! Like THE ENTIRE TSJ OFFICE is spending the day in Sweden.

What does it look like, you ask? Well what we can tell you about Sweden is that it’s winter here, and all the blondes are very bundled. We’ll make sure to stop by next summer when things is less of a bummer. (Rhyme.)

So to mark this special adventure, slash occasion of sorts, we picked you a track from Sweden’s latest export, Alina Devecerscki, to get you partying till the wee hours. It’s dark all day in Sweden right now anyway, so everyone’s about the party mix.

Press play, yo. Watch this lady. It doesn’t matter what she’s saying. The song, “Jag svar,” our informants tell us,  means, “I reply.”

Just say “Ja.” And boogie.

“Jag svar”