She’s Pretty: Get to Know Playmate Kayla Collins All Over Again

Playmate Kayla Collins

Kayla Collins first captured our hearts when she showed up on The Girls Next Door – Season 4.  This is how it went down: Holly Madison recruited Kayla to test shoot for Playboy. And then one fine day, Kayla discovered she would be Playboy 2008′s centerfold. What does being a centerfold mean? It means you pack your bags for California and you never look back.

After her appearance on Season 4 of The Girls Next Door, Kayla became a fan favorite and was later featured on Seasons 5 and 6, showcasing her centerfold shoot, 21st birthday, and more.

Since, she’s modeled, acted, started up a swimwear line… And she’s looked hot every step of the way.

The proof is in the proverbial pudding.

Pics courtesy of Barry Smith, Studio8 Photography.

For extra credit, watch some torn up sexy shirts, whydontcha?

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