PlayboyDotCom vs. AskMen: Who Picked the Hottest Girls?

AskMen did their job good and they rounded up the 100 hottest ladies of 2013. Over here at TSJ, we commend the exhaustive research it took to come up with a list like this. I mean, we just sit around grinning to ourselves and saying, “They’re ALL so pretty…” It takes a real task master to prioritize hotness the way the admirable folks over at AskMen did.

Who’d they get on that list? The usual suspects: Everyone’s fave Harvard grad, Natalie Portman, teenage killing machine, Jennifer Lawrence, newly knocked-up Kate Middleton, and is she or isn’t she the best thing ever Lana Del Rey showed up, too.

And then PlayboyDotCom went in and switched up AskMen’s order of the top 10. We’re not saying they’re wrong, we’re just saying they’re maybe kind of wrong?

That’s right — welcome to The Top 10 Countdown — read all about it HERE!

But before you go there, check out our gallery of PlayboyDotCom’s Top 10, below. Order them any way you want. Then see if your top 10 matches ours!