Aye Dios Mio: Hot Playboy Girls In Argentina!

patagonia mainSo what are your big plans for the three-day weekend? BBQs and pool parties? Beer kegs and sparklers? Well that’s all fine and dandy, but if you’ve got a TiVo remote and a subscription to Playboy TV handy, you may want to add this to your Must List too. This Sunday, they’re debuting Playboy Trip: Patagonia, a new adventure series set in South America guaranteed to put a rise in your flap steak.

That’s right, those Playboy TV guys took their cameras all the way to Argentina to film four hot models against some ridiculously exotic backdrops. Sure it’s fun to see centerfolds all fluffed up against pillows on a waterbed, but there’s something about a bare set of boobs in the Andes mountains that really makes you feel “cultured.” Especially if those sets belong to Shanna McLaughlin, Jaclyn Swedberg, Dani Mathers and Lauren Elise!

Now we know you’re already big fans of Shanna (hello, did you SEE those locker room pix?). But Miss April Jaclyn Swedberg has quite a lot to offer too, as does Cyber Girl Lauren and Dani Mathers (who’s set to star in the upcoming Playboy TV show Camp Playboy). But beyond the girls, Patagonia offers a gorgeous glimpse into rustic Argentina. There’s river boat rides, nights out in Buenos Aires, and even an all-girl game of fútbol (skins vs. skins anyone?).

All we’re saying is, summer is all about exotic vacations. And wouldn’t you rather live vicariously through four hot Playboy babes than a chubby Travel Channel food critic?

Playboy Trip: Patagonia premieres on Playboy TV Sunday July 3 at 10pm E/P.