Playboy Radio’s Morning Show… and Tell!

Thursday 5/9/13

Thirsty Thursday can’t be everyday. That’s the bad news. The good news is, it is today! Woo! We also have some other good news, and that is we brought in the very talented Mark Long to guest host while Kevin is hooker-ing it up in Panama. You might remember Mark fromRoad Rules, but he’s been keeping very busy since then, and we’re super glad to have him in the Mini Mansion with us today. Let’s recap the show quickly, and then commence to drinkin’.

We kicked off the show by continuing to celebrate the clitoris! It is International Celebrate the/your Clitoris Week, and as such, we had some more interesting facts for you. Were you aware that the clitoris is the only human organ designed only for pleasure? Oooh. Or that the average length is half an inch, and the longest ever was twelve inches?? Wow-ee!

Following that, we talked to Mr. Skin on the phone, who gave us the Mr. Skin Minute, and told us what to watch out for on screens both big and small. For instance, some fantastic old school Blu-Rays came out this week, such as “An Officer and a Gentleman,” and “The Grifters.” Check out his website for more (way more) information (and pictures!).


Next, we brought in Jenn Sterger and Suzy McCoppin from the theatrical show “Pieces (of Ass),” to talk about the show’s tenth anniversary run here in LA, and what has kept it the #1 off-broadway show in both NY and LA for so long. If you’re saying, ‘Theater? That’s not my style, dig?’, well first we’d say that you talk an awful lot like a 1970′s pimp, but also that the show features many beautiful ladies talking about what it means to be them. So you should probably check it out.

Finally, it wouldn’t be the Playboy Morning Show without a handful of beautiful women. We brought in Annette (who’s our Cyber Girl of the Month), Hanna, and Julia to play a round of “No Strings Attached.” The girls entered tied together by the straps of their bikinis, and had to take a step apart for every question that they got wrong. They put up a valiant effort, but in the end, the bikinis snapped off, and all was right in the world again.




Wednesday 5/8/13

Happy Hump Day! That means it’s the middle of the week, not anything dirty. Maybe… Anyway, we had another great show for you all, broadcasting live on Playboy TV, and streaming online, so let’s get to it!

We started off today’s show by continuing our Clitoral Appreciation Week, wherein Kevin wrote a haiku for Andrea’s clit. That went about as well as anyone could have expected, but we did have another clit tip for yo. “In Turkey small clits are called sesame seeds.” Seems a little oddly specific, but it is a fun fact nonetheless!

We continued on with the Lowell Down, giving you the dirty deets of what’s going on in the world in our own special way. Everything from a very dapper burglar stealing men’s care products to a disgusting poutine-flavored soda were discussed, and some made us hotter than others.

For the main dish in today’s feast of a show, we played a little game called “Bet on Your Babe!” Our legal department has asked that we include the fact that we have never heard of any show that has even the closest resemblance to that name… ANYWAY, we brought in three couples to see who had the most confidence in their knowledge of their significant other. For this game, we brought in Leia and Ruby(our resident lesbian couple), Lindsey and Eric, and Gio and Kat!


We had the guys (and Ruby) stay in the room and bet on what outfit, sexual position, and erogenous zone their Babe would pick. After a game with a lot of ups and downs, Gio and Kat walked away with the $500 prize that they intend to put down as a deposit on an apartment. We’ll have to see if that actually pans out…


Tuesday 5/7/13

It’s Tuesday, ya’ll. Let’s get ‘r done.

We started off the show today by celebrating international clitoris week, in this month of masturbation, with a helpful hint about the Greek origin of the word: it means key. Those Greeks, they thought of everything.

We welcomed into the Mini Mansion today, Miss May 2013 Kristen Nicole. We got to know our beautiful blonde California girl even better today, and saw how well she knew herself. We put a new spin on our Playmate body quiz, and threw Kevin and Andrea into the mix as well as we played “Who Knows THEIR Body Best?” We examined close-ups of our Playmate, Kevin, and Andrea to see who could recognize the body part and who it belonged to. It was actually a bit tougher than you’d think… but not that tough.


We also had our Playmate pick numbers off of the lovely Dani, as we did the Playmate Pick Six, where Kristen had the chance to enlighten us a tad on a small facet of her sexual fantasies, proclivities, and activities.

We also had a surprise for our crafty Playmate, who is a huge fan of Bedazzling: we brought in Vajazzling expert Mistey from Sashay Waxin Beverly Hills to “Boobie-Dazzle” our lovely girls PaulaTaylor, and Lindsey, who joined our Playmate and got some new bling bling on their ta-tas.


group lot

Monday 5/6/13

Happy National Hangover Day! It’s Monday, the Six-o de Mayo, and we’re trucking on through.

We started the day off by going through last week’s Week in Sex! We broke down all the best sexy news stories from the world of last week, and the best news is that we get to do it all again on Friday. It’s all the nudes that are fit to print.

In preparation for our “ComeFukMe Derby,” we talked to a guy on the phone who was at the ACTUAL race, and got some hot tips on how betting works. Let’s see if they pan out…

Following that, we played a little game we like to call Good Naked/Bad Naked. We touched on everything from racing dildos to naked car-jackers to sex on the beach, and doled out judgment based on whether we thought that they were worthy of being nude.

Closing out the show today, we brought in Danielle and Chelsie to be our Jock-ettes, and ride our tiny horses in the “ComeFukMe Derby.” We had the girls name their horses, gave the odds, and let ‘em race. Every time their horse’s number was rolled, they got to move ahead. After a tight race, a photo finish revealed Danielle was our grand champion. She got roses and a medal, while Chelsie was forced to eat horse meat. That’s how they do it in Kentucky, right?