Playboy Playmate Michelle McLaughlin Makes ‘Em Sweat

Michelle McLaughlin
There’s a new workout regime spreading through the UK, and if followed faithfully it is sure to render beautiful results. It’s called Bunny Bootcamp, and with just a few (hundred, perhaps) crunches and squats it will crank out toned and supple Playmate bodies.

Why, just look at the girls in the video below: They’re Playmates! Michelle McLaughlin (Miss February 2008), Hiromi Oshima (Miss June 2004) and Nikki Leigh (Miss May 2012) are poetry in sportsbras and pageantry in yoga pants, are they not?

Bunny Bootcamp is a real thing, by British exercise company Gymbox, and participants are measured by BMI — that’s Bunny Measurement Index. And if looking good isn’t reward enough, there’s an actually-pretty-cool reward for those who score a 97 or better on the BMI: They get invited to the Playboy Club in London to try out for the real job of being a Bunny.

If logic holds, the three girls who rep the Bunny Bootcamp ought to have BMIs approaching 100. Do they? examine these pictures — and if you need to do a little more research, check out the nude Cyberclub galleries: Michelle McLaughlin, Hiromi Oshima, and Nikki Leigh. It really does take some detail-oriented study to determine one’s BMI, after all.