Playboy Morning Radio Show… and Tell

LAST MONDAY, COMEDIAN  Steve Wilson came by to join us for some Sex Mythbusters. We tackled the myth that you can correctly predict a women’s personality based on her type of booty. We ran our models Jennifer, Danielle and Lauren through a series of tests–like bouncing quarters off of their butts, etc. (Very scientific).  Definitely hot, although Andrea did leave a few marks on Jennifer’s terrific tush.

On Tuesday March Playboy cover model and UFC Ring Girl, Brittney Palmer, came in to talk about her days as a magician assistant in Las Vegas, her butt tattoo, and her love of drawing naked women.

We also met Brian D. Price ”The Death Row Chef,” who created a collection of final meals for his book, MEALS TO DIE FOR. After chatting about his 14 years in the slammer, he fed us some bacon sandwiches served on our gorgeous Playboy models, and his Old Sparky’s Genuine Convict Chili. Brittney was a good sport and decided to try some chili!

On Wednesdsay In honor of Leap Day, little comedian Brad Williams leaped into the mini-mansion in a frog suit. He said that little people have great opportunity to dress like leprechauns and cupid, but not a lot of frog opportunities, so he was grateful.

After our leaping games, Jaron presented his final Great Moment in Black History by bringing in “one of the greatest black performers of all time.” Turns out, he was right. Gary L. Gray, aka The Jumbaco Guy from the Jack in The Box commercials, surprised us all and sat in as a lifeline for a Leap Day round of Know It or Show It.

Tierra Lee, Chelsea Brook, and Jenny Rae came in for some naked leap-frog, topless trampolining, and a reverse round of KIoSI, where they had to earn their clothing back. Not much clothing was earned, and after being called “the greatest show on TV” by numerous callers, the ladies saluted Leap Day 2012 by jumping naked on the trampoline.

Thursday we met our Cyber Girl of the Week, Mandy Flores. A shocking story she shared with us was her sex experience in the back of a grocery store freezer! That’s hot! We’ll, figuratively. Flores also mentioned that she has erect nipples 24 hours a day and must wear extra padding when visiting with professionals.

Friday Michael Kosta also joined us live in the studio this morning telling us all about his visit to the Australia Open. He stated that the women were beautiful, but that he really enjoys African American men the most! Kosta sat in while we brought Special Editions  Models Carlotta and Titania tied together with bikinis in the studio for “No Strings Attached.” These two lovely gals had to answer Kevin and Andrea’s list of questions correctly in order to keep their bikinis on. With the majority of wrong answers Carlotta and Titania were stripped down to their sexy bare bushes! It appeared that Titania won the bush contest of the year!