Playboy Model, Jurgita Valts, Hails from “Land of Beautiful Women”

The Smoking Jacket: Jurgita’s an unusual name — where are you from, Jurgita?

Jurgita: I am from Lithuania, it is a small country in Northern Europe but also land of beautiful women.

TSJ: If they look like you, that must be true! Where do you live these days?

Jurgita: I live in Philadelphia now.

Lithuania’s national flag.

TSJ: Probably not so much land of beautiful women… What’s your favorite thing about modeling?

Jurgita: I have few favorite things about modeling. I can make my own schedule, get to travel to different places, meet new interesting people, photographers and other models. With many of them whom I become a friend. I love being in front of camera, photo shoots are very exciting. I can express myself, experiment with looks, it’s an amazing feeling! Another big advantage that I really like about modeling is the opportunity to get a lot of beautiful photos. It’s an experience I can always share with my grandchildren.

“I am from Lithuania, it is a small country in Northern Europe but also land of beautiful women.”

TSJ: And I’m sure your grandchildren will appreciate the fact that you’ve gotten to model for Playboy. Was that always a dream of yours? 

Jurgita: Posing for Playboy was one of most exciting and crazy things I did in my life. Back when I was living in Lithuania It never crossed my mind to shoot for Playboy or pose in front of any camera.

I was in US, when they offered me to pose for Playboy. I was just starting my modeling career and I didn’t even know much about Playboy. I looked up online for Playboy magazine photos and I liked what I saw — so many gorgeous women! I wanted to be one of them! So I decided I have to go to LA and do the photo shoot.

TSJ: What was the experience of working with Playboy like?

Jurgita: Day before photoshoot I was super nervous, because I am shy and kept thinking, How I will be able to shoot naked? But when I got to Playboy studio, everyone there was very kind. Make up artist did a very good job and they had such a beautiful lingerie sets! I definitely felt like a model. Photographer was very supportive and everyone on set were very professional. They made me feel confident, very beautiful and natural.

TSJ: What are your upcoming projects?

Jurgita: One of my biggest project I am working on now is becoming Certified Public Accountant. But I still gonna model, ’cause modeling is one of my passions!

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