Pippa Middleton’s a Royal Gain in the Arse Department

Pippa MiddletonNo, we’re not due for another Tuesday Totty post (relax, it is in fact Thursday, you can drink tonight because tomorrow will be a joke) but this bit of news about a British morsel can’t wait.

Pippa Middleton, sister of just-married Kate, has England’s suddenly most famous butt.

If you watched the wedding ceremony (dude, sorry) you might have spotted her pert derriere switching down the aisle as she dutifully carried milady’s train. It is a duty that requires a lot of bending down, and Pippa’s tight rear was more than up to the task. Here, it’s been captured on film:

How ironic that the video maker chose to set it to the tune of Mystikal’s “Shake Ya Ass” — we believe that was also what the Royal Orchestra played for William and Kate’s first dance.

Here, the ladies at the view debate whether Pippa stole the show:

Once again, they’ve missed the point entirely. It’s not about the color she wears. It’s about a dress that hugs her taut buttocks so closely that it’s really not difficult to imagine what she’d look like naked. For more help with that, see the paparazzi bikini pictures below.

Thanks to the Mirror for belatedly alerting us to Pippa’s butt celebrity, we’ll be sure to keep an eye on it going forward. We’ve joined the Pippa Middleton As Appreciation Society on Facebook, so that’s a start. The only question that remains is, which of Pippa’s bum’s Twitter accounts should we follow — @PippasBum or @PippasAss? Ah, what the hell, we’ll follow ‘em both!