Totty Tuesday: Seeya, Peta

Peta ToddA titan of Page 3 boobaliciousness is hanging up her, well, boobs and retiring from topless modeling. No more will she wear nothing, hence forth instead keeping the girls covered up like it’s her job. Or at least not her job anymore to uncover them.

Bottom line: Kiss Peta Todd’s baps goodbye.

Peta is just 24 but has done a lot during her time in the modeling biz, including posing nude while pregnant for the site, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity, and debating the merits of Page 3 topless modeling at the Oxford Union and Durham University. Her position, of course, was that Page 3 empowers women, and after reviewing the facts (most of them in picture form) I am inclined to agree. If you’d like to see her 10-minute summation, you can watch it on YouTube, but for our purposes this clip is a bit more apt, from the award-winning “Secret Diary of a Nuts Girl” series: