Penelope Cruz Gets Unlucky for Campari

Penelope Cruz

The Campari calendar is becoming a favorite tradition, being an annual showcase of A-list babes in klassy yet cleavage-rich outfits. Past subjects include Milla Jovovich, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Olga Kurylenko and Eva Mendes. Now there’s a group you’d take your chances with, isn’t it? You know it is, you dirty old dog you.

This year (meaning 2013) Penelope Cruz joins that lovely sorority. The theme of the calendar is Kiss Superstitions Goodbye, and the pictures are all scenes of the luscious P.Cruz in a scandalous shade of red doing things that are supposed to be bad luck. Broken mirror, walking under ladder, black cat — they’re all here. Video first…

…now pictures:

…and just in case froofy European cocktails aren’t your thing, how about we swap out the drink and swap in Penelope’s equally hot sister Monica and let them play Mario Brothers. “Get dey coins, get dey coins, ran ran!” says Penelope. She’s so adorable when she tries to speak English. Careful, you are about to get a raging nerd-on:

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