Page 3 Idol: Handicapping the Finalists #thursdaytotty

Page 3 Idol finalistsIt’s crunch time in the Page 3 Idol competition.

Page 3 Idol is a contest held by the UK newspaper The Sun — a talent search of sorts, with the talent being topless posing. From a field of about 200 entries we’re down to a final 12. And we at Girlwatcher are doing about as well as we did in our last March Madness pool. Favorites like Lyla Ashby and Michelle de Feo are gone. You can see the final twelve on this page (voting is closed) and this page (voting closes at midnight).

We have no interest in declaring any of these ladies to be the worst, so we’ve just picked what we think are the top six and, horse-racing style, placed odds and given a few thoughts. Can we pick ‘em? Time will tell.

12:1 Summer Saint Claire

Summer Saint Claire
Summer is the only girl we’ve mentioned before, and although some girls seem to have vaulted ahead of her with outstanding competition photos, Summer’s body of work as a model is totally legit, and she’d make a fine Page 3 regular.
Twitter: @MissSaintClaire

8:1 Jessica Kingham

Jessica Kingham
Jessica’s done quite a bit of modeling already for Nuts and Zoo, as well as for another UK tabloid, The Star, and is signed to Mode Modeling. Jessica, who is at this very moment in New York City, has her fans and would be a fine winner. Back up… Jessica’s in New York right now? Jessica! Give us a call, let’s do lunch…
Twitter: @JKingham_Mode

7:1 Holly Milner

Holly Milner
Holly comes out of nowhere (well, technically it’s Birmingham but if you’ve ever been there…), and her Twitter feed is surprisingly unsexy. We say “surprisingly” because she has one of the best photos in the final round. This may be a true found-under-a-rock type discovery, which is often an asset.
Twitter: @hollymilnerx

7:1 Kym Graham

Kym Graham
Kym seems to be in the same boat as Holly (it’s the H.M.S. Boobie we believe) in that her competition photo is off the chart but any evidence of prior modeling is scant. We found it interesting that Lucy Pinder herself, a highly successful model who’s now creative director of Girl Management, tweeted her support of Kym even though Kym is not featured on the Girl website. Has Lucy signed Kim already? If so, we’ll see more of Kym whether she wins or loses this competition. #phew
Twitter: @kymgraham1

4:1 Rae

Under other circumstances (see below) Rae would probably be the favorite — she’s signed to Girl Management already, took an amazing contest photo, and has a real sparkle in her eye. Our quick diagnosis is that she has a future not just as a glamour model but possibly doing something more dynamic — something tells us she ought to be on TV. The girl has moxie.
Twitter: @IRaeOfSunshine

3:2 Mellisa Clarke

Mellisa Clarke
Mellisa is nearly a prohibitive favorite in this race given her resume — she has appeared on the cover of national magazines and has her own (for-pay) website. Mellisa comes in with an army of fans and a better nose for self-promotion via Facebook and Twitter than the competition. The others do have one shred of hope: This is after all a topless modeling contest, which might fairly be called a big breasts contest. Melissa is the least bodacious girl in the field — if the voting public were to choose purely on dimension, she’d lose.
Twitter: @Mellisa_Clarke

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