Why the Olivia Munn Nudes Are Fake. Er, Sorry, Real

Olivia MunnWe’ve gotten in trouble for this sort of thing before, so if you’re reading this post in some future time and all the images are woodland creatures instead of the lovely and talented Olivia Munn, who we truly do like, well — sorry. That would mean some legal eagles have got involved and you know what legal eagles do to celebrity nudity — they turn it into woodland creatures, that’s what.

To recap: Pictures that are supposedly of Olivia Munn — some of them nude — are all over blogs. Olivia says the nude ones aren’t her.

As far as the writing on the pictures below — and the others that were leaked — that could be totally fake, added by the devious person releasing these. We don’t so much care about that, and neither should you. So what if the girl likes to talk dirty? You would probably like it if she were talking dirty to you, so don’t judge.

Surely this is Olivia Munn:

Olivia Munn

And this is Olivia Munn:

Olivia Munn

It the picture below Olivia Munn? Well, compare furniture and throw pillows in the first two pictures to what you see in picture three. And there is also the molding on the ceiling. Same furniture, same moldings. We’re afraid this too is Olivia:

Olivia Munn

But wait, you say, that’s not even a naked picture! No nipple, no naked, you say. Ok, but then we have this headless somebody shooting herself in the mirror in a bathroom.
Olivia Munn

There’s another picture just like the one above but without the lingerie. And that one, we can say with pretty much certainty, is Olivia Munn naked. Because here is a photo shoot of Olivia in what we think is her house, and what looks like the same bathroom.

For the above video, which is really what seals the deal, thanks to Egotastic and reader “Franz.” (Psst! If you want to see those racier photos, you’ll find them on Egotastic.com too.)

And to end this on a positive note, here is Olivia intentionally buck naked with Clark Duke. We do really like her very much. We are only reporting the facts.

And here she is feeling herself up. For medical reasons.