Of Katrina Eugenia and Her Elegance


Katrina Eugenia

Katrina Eugenia writes a column called “The Power of Lace” for The Lingerie Journal. That means she does a whole lot of thinking about fancy ladies’ underwear, which means we have a lot in common. Well, we’re all about the ladies at least, and as it happens they are often wearing little more than fancy underwear.

Fortunately, Katrina Eugenia herself is plenty thinkworthy, so whether you’re truly interested in reading about panties (look, there’s worse things you could read about) or just prefer to skip to the pictures (as you regularly do on this page) you’ll find something worth your effort and precious time.

Katrina Eugenia is an artiste who happens to have been in Playboy, highfalutin but wise to her own wiles. “Money might be cabbage but cleavage is cleavage,” she told us, then explained it’s a quote from Of Women And Their Elegance by Norman Mailer.

Duh. Like we didn’t know that already. (Katrina Eugenia has kind of a situation with Norman Mailer. You can Google it. We considered titling this post “The Executioner’s Thong” but decided that wasn’t the right message.)

The quote was her response to a question/warning we’d sent her way. The gist of it was, “Yes, of course we’d like to write about your extremely tasteful lingerie blog but be aware we use technical jargon on our site like boobs and go commando and whooty… This might not be the sort of thing you want your mother to read…”

(God knows we discourage ours from reading it.)

Katrina Eugenia assured us she could deal with the jargon so here we are. Enjoy this brainy beauty; scribe and wearer of lingerie, swimsuits and less.

Some of these photos are from a shoot based on a session Marilyn Monroe did with Bert Stern. Yes, the ones where she’s holding the flowers over her boobs. (Note the jargon.) That was for a column in which she confessed she likes to go commando.

As for whooty — it’s in the eye of the beholder they say. So behold, and call it like you see it.

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