Ode to the “Ode to Women” Women: Jordan, Wendy & Mina

Your Best Friend’s Ex has just put out a video that is up our alley. Actually, we can’t say we support the “Bitch, shut your mouth” chorus — that’s not nice.

But what is nice is the cast of women in the video. Cheese & crackers, has someone been reading the Girlwatcher column?

Jordan Carver?

We got Jordan Carver on TSJ.

Wendy Fiore?

We got Wendy Fiore on TSJ.

Mina Stefan?

We got Mina Stefan on TSJ.

Veronica Ricci? Ok we don’t got her — yet. You’re on notice, Ricci.

So as we said — not crazy about telling bitches to shut their mouths unless it’s Lassie and she’s barking at the mailman. But Your Best Friend’s Ex’s taste in women? It is commendable.

This is the perfect time to give you some updated photos of the girls — check them out below. These came (more or less) from their websites, jordancarver.com, wendy4.com, and minastefan.blogspot.com.