Nutella Girl Charissa Rosalie Gets Messy with the Spread

Nutella Girl Charissa Rosalie
Here’s a crazy music video by Bassanova & Moradzo about a girl who has a cooking show, although it’s not really cooking, just a smear-food-all-over-yourself show. And of course male viewers find it fascinating:

The girl in the video is Charissa Rosalie, also known (for our purposes) as “Nutella Girl.” You can follow her Tweets at @birdyluvv. They’re in Dutch, btw.

Charissa isn’t new to the smearing game (known in fetish circles as “wet and messy, or WAM); on her YouTube page she has several videos of herself eating or smearing food. In fact we’re not certain whether she’s actually a model/actress who was cast in the music video, or just a food fetishist, albeit a really cute one, whom the artists decided to film. Again, it’s in Dutch, so we just can’t say.

“Nutella Girl” it is, then. Here’s more: