Nina Agdal Is a Day at the Beach

Nina Agdal

Whatever happened to Nina Agdal? We have seen neither hide nor hair of her on TSJ since last Tuesday — that’s seven, going on eight days ago!

It’s sort of funny (and really, “sort of funny” is the best we can hope for most days) that we remarked she was “finding work” — she is of course one of the busiest swimsuit and lingerie models in the game right now, and everyone who makes bikinis or panties wants Nina in theirs. We could probably bring you a different gallery of Nina in lingerie or swimsuits every day for three weeks.

Ahh… that would be nice. You get three weeks of Nina Agdal. We take a three-week liquid lunch.

A lot of the pictures she takes are technically sexy — it’s a fantastic smile and a great body in some tiny bits of clothing — but they’re a little too focused on demonstrating the clothes and not focused enough on demonstrating Nina.

So we really have to hand it to Aerie Swimwear here. And by “hand it to Aerie Swimwear here” we mean “steal these pictures from Aerie Swimwear and post them here.” These are photos promoting the Spring/Summer line and damn, doesn’t it look fun? Doesn’t Nina just look like the girl you want to run away to Jamaica with?

Doesn’t this make you want to buy an Aerie bikini? Hell yes it does. We bought one and wore it to work today. Hah! No, we’re not walking around work in a bikini. That would be totally weird. We have it on under our clothes.

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