Tuesday Totty: Spot the Willy

nicola-wills-mainLook, it’s not easy to keep up on crap pop culture. Or rather, it’s hard enough to keep up on our own crap pop culture; when it comes to the crap on TV over in the UK, we need some help.

So a tip of the cap (or the crap) to Sara Willis, a glamour model and amateur TV critic. She let us know about The Only Way is Essex a little while ago, and yesterday alerted us to another babe oddity out of the UK.

Sara Willis, by the way, lives at a website called bustysara.com and more than lives up to her URL. So at first we thought she was tweeting about herself, and we were intrigued.

Saraurora: TITS


Saraurora: TITS #bgt

Saraurora: I know I go on about her amazing tits but her troupe are quite good. #BGT

Saraurora: I cannot take my eyes off her tits. They are fucking amazing. I don’t even care that they’re fake. #BGT

Saraurora: Fucking dog acts. Ridiculous. #bgt

Saraurora: Oh, for everyone asking who’s tits I meant I was talking about that girl firebreathing/dancing troupe on Britain’s Got Talent. Youtube them.

Yes, they dance and breathe fire and are called Girls Roc (Jesus, who names these groups?) — sort of like a Cirque de Soleil without the acrobatics and, thanks to this one particular Girl, a lot more chest.

Yes, you may YouTube them. Unfortunately ITV won’t let us see the video here in the States and has managed to disable all embedding off YouTube. Well done, ITV publicity team.

But here’s a clip from a dodgy Turkish site. As you can see, one of these kids is not built like the others:

Her name is Nicola Wills, and thanks to Sara Willis you now know who she is. Is this surgically enhanced babe the next Jordan (who, by the way, is not a fan)?