Help Nelly Fill His Lady Pants

Applebottom Models

Hip hop star Nelly, in case you didn’t know, has his own clothing line — for women. It’s called Apple Bottoms, and it makes jeans that strive to fit women blessed with badonkadonk. A little junk in the trunk. Women whose milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.

We’re not talking women with grotesquely misshapen rear ends, but let’s just say they’re packing much more than your average Victoria’s Secret model. He’s currently looking for Miss Apple Bottoms 2011.

The contest has a strange history — BET host Melyssa Ford was an early “face” of Apple Bottoms, though she does not seem to have won the title in a competition. The first real contest was, supposedly, held in 2003-04, although we couldn’t tell you who won it, or any subsequent ones. In a slightly confusing turn of events, Dutch model Anna Perret was crowned Miss Apple Bottoms 2010 earlier this year in Amsterdam.

…ah, water under the bridge. The 2011 competition is on, and we have real photos of real live semifinalists. Our apologies to Jasmine, Tiffany, Erica and Elizabeth, who are listed on the website but whom we were unable to find online in sexy picture form.

Maybe you’re an ass man, maybe you’re not. (Maybe you’re an ass man and you don’t even know it yet!) Peruse the gallery of contestants below and, if you’re so motivated, vote your conscience.

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