71 Pictures from National Cleavage Day

Lucy Vixen Collett on National Cleavage Day

FRIDAY WAS NATIONAL CLEAVAGE DAY. Yeah, we know what you’re thinking, “Girlwatcher, if Friday was National Cleavage Day, why didn’t you tell us?” Look, National Cleavage Day is the day women flaunt their cleavage, many of them doing so via Twitter. If we had written about National Cleavage Day on Friday we would not have had all this great fresh cleavage to show you.

That’s right, we collected all these pictures posted Friday and now bring them to you. This was National Cleavage Day 2012. And what a day it was.

And enjoy this great video from TMZ which also captured the spirit of National Cleavage Day. It captured the spirit as it threatened to bounce right out of Nicki Minaj’s top.

Here they are, 71 pictures posted on Friday for National Cleavage Day, in alphabetical order ending with an impressive seven-pic run by Victoria Belle. Somebody get us her e-mail, we like the enthusiasm…