Video Slam: Natasha Yi, Jenny Poussin, Rosie Jones, and Kayden Kross

Natasha YiDepartment of apples to oranges: Here we have four videos that have nothing in common except that they all feature sexy ladies. Which is your favorite?

First up, Natasha Yi. Isn’t it scary how some hot women tend to drive, doing their makeup and buying shoes online while navigating busy streets? Here’s Natasha (from site being possibly the Worst. Driver. Ever.

And yet… despite the obvious danger he’s in, we do envy the guy sitting shotgun who gets to hold her water bra. Mmm, water bra.

From water bra we move on to a watery tart. A strange woman lying in a pond distributing swords. A moistened bint in a farcical aquatic ceremony—or at least a wet French Canadian with a huge rack. Jenny Poussin is making a movie called Morgana which has swords and water in it. And that rack:

She’s raising funds on an IndieGogo page — contribute to her film and she shall repay your kindness with beaucoup de sexy.

Did somebody say Hello sailor? Ahoy there Rosie Jones:

No, it doesn’t have much of a plot but sometimes nautical metaphor is just as good. We always have liked the cut of Rosie’s jib. It’s enough to make you hoist your jolly roger and swab your poop deck. Wait, what?

Finally, porn star Kayden Kross is blue-movie royalty with comedy dreams — here she does the old skit from summer camp. Somehow it’s better when she does it:

See more Kayden at

Those are our four hot, entertaining, and un-alike video picks for today—which do you like best?