10 Degrees of Bikini-ration: Natasha, Alexis, Elyda, Justene and Shay

Alexis LopezTwo truly awesome new bikini-riffic videos showed up on our radar today, of girls we’ve ‘watched in the recent past. We could just say “here are two hot videos.” But could these videos be related in some way? Indeed they could. Get comfortable, this could take awhile.

1. Here is AWESOME NEW VIDEO #1, posted about a week ago, of a girl we featured about two weeks ago:

Natasha Yi for Rukus

2. Rukus shoots some hot chicks alright. Here’s a somewhat oldie (the clip, not the girl) but a goodie:

Alexis Lopez for Rukus

3. Primitive is a fashion line that also shoots some of our favorite hot chicks:

Alexis Lopez for Primitive

4. You know who’s also done a sexy spot for Primitive? You saw her here last week giving tips on Steak and Blowjob Day:

Desiree Elyda for Primitive

5. Here’s Desiree Elyda promoting a movie she is making. It’s not really a hot video except for the fact that it has her in it, which is like saying a Carl’s Jr. cheeseburger isn’t really tasty except for the fact that it’s delicious:

Desiree Elyda for “Musket”

6. You know who is one of Desiree Elyda’s bestest friends? Guess. You will never guess. It’s Marsha Ann:

“Out of Our Tree” starring Marsha Ann

7. You know who is one of Marsha Ann’s bestest friends? No, “Desiree Elyda” isn’t the answer. It’s awesome girl photographer Natalia Brutalia, whose Meow blog for The Hundreds is worth your time. We sometimes wish we were Natalia just so we could hang out with all the chicks she shoots in their underwear. (The chicks would be in their own underwear, we would not be wearing the chicks’ underwear. Well, maybe we would. It would depend on what sort of underwear. No thongs.) For instance, Justene Jaro:

Justene Jaro and Natalia Brutalia

8. Justene shot an ad for Primitive (yes, we know this means we could have skipped steps 4-7, don’t be a dick):

Justene Jaro for Primitive

9. At this point we’ve got Justene Jaro, Alexis Lopez, and Desiree Elyda all doing Primitive advertisements. You know who else has done one? Shay Maria. And THAT brings us to today’s AWESOME NEW VIDEO #2, posted just minutes ago by photographer Kaloopy, from his recent Shay sesh:

Shay Maria, “Those Planes You’ve Been Driving,” Part 3

10. Will the circle be unbroken? Sure it will. Or won’t. Whatever. Point is, when we ran Kaloopy’s new Shay pictures we also posted some he’d done of Jessica Burciaga. Yes, the ubiquitous Jessica Burciaga. She is everywhere, including the place where Natasha Yi was at the top of this ridiculous, ridiculous post. (And to think, we could have said “here are two hot videos” and been done with it):

Jessica Burciaga for Rukus