Natasha Kizmet Teaches You How to Shower

Natasha KizmetOur Uzbeki friend Natasha Kizmet (Facebook)is back with some very helpful information about showering and Banana Boat oil. We thought we knew a lot about women takeng sexy, near naked photos, but even we learned something here.

See, when you take a shower for a sexy photo shoot (note: you are imagining you are a girl here, for just a brief few seconds), you can’t have the water running down your skin like just any old water. No, you want that stuff to stay on there in shiny little globs — you want it to bead up.

Beads of water. This is extremely important. The water needs to bead up on your skin — this has been shown to make a shower photo shoot 17% sexier. In order to achieve these water beads, you have to put Banana Boat oil on your skin before you get into the shower.

Natasha sent us some pictures of herself in the shower, with beading in full effect. And lucky for you, she sent us these pictures at massive size so that we can really zoom in and show you what she’s talking about.

Detail photo 1. Note the beading on her right elbow:

Natasha Kizmet

Detail photo 2. Excellent beading on her wrist, and you can see some beads in silhouette going down her back as well:

Natasha Kizmet

Detail photo 3. Just beading everywhere. You can’t escape the beading. It’s the attack of the beads. If she had a nickel for every bead in this picture, she’d have a lot of nickels:

Natasha Kizmet

We hope you’ve learned something here about the ins and outs of showering as a bikini or nude model. The ins, the outs, the extreme close-ups, and of course the beads. Here are the full pictures, as well as an instructional video where Natasha demonstrates another important technique, which is how to rub the oil into your skin. Yes, that is very important.

We’ve dwelled onthe beading quite a bit, but you should note that there can be no beading unless there is first rubbing. For more educational photos and videos, and updates on showers as they occur, you’ll want to like Natasha Kizmet’s Fan Page on Facebook.

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