Natasha Kizmet: Bikini Tester, Bra Buster, Bill Murray Fan

Natasha Kizmet

Our favorite daughter of Beki-beki-stan-stan, the pneumatic Natasha Kizmet, continues her consumer watchdog fashion review series (see some previous installments here on TSJ or on Natasha’s YouTube channel). In this video blog, Natasha (who really is from Uzbekistan) shares the good and bad about a red Venus Bikini.

In the next video, she addresses a problem faced by professional women with 34DD breasts — where to put the darn things when you’re on the job? Leave ‘em out front or stash ‘em beneath specialized undergarments? Natasha says: In today’s economy, large breasted women need to be modest when applying for a job — especially if a man is doing the hiring. In this video. Natasha shows off the difference between the Bali Minimizer Bra, and with a more flattering bra. At the end, she asks you to vote on who you would hire — the more modest Natasha, or the less modest Natasha.

Here’s Natasha trying to lure celebrity party crasher Bill Murray to her shindig. The lure of choice is (you guessed it) a special bra: Bill Murray is going on his 2012 Summer Party Crashing tour. He is visiting many US cities, and dropping in on party’s thrown in his honor. Natasha Kizmet meanwhile wants Bill — her favorite actor — to come to her party! Whats a girl to do? Dress to impress in a Marlies Dekkers Bra!

Finally, you don’t get a figure like Natasha’s sitting on the couch eating bon-bons all day. You must work out! And you must do so in a sports bra. Natasha says: I have re-dedicated myself to my exercise regimen! Here, I teach you a series of ABS exercises. Also, how you look while you exercise is also very important! So here, I utilize the support of a Nike Sports Bra, and the comfort of Calvin Klein Performance Pants. What do you think?

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