Natasha Kizmet Gets the Peyton Manning Body Paint Treatment


Natasha Kizmet loves Peyton Manning. A lot. She tells TSJ, “I have really come to realize how special Peyton is—bigger than just a football player in how he carries himself in public… Major celebrity!”

And she loves getting painted all over in his likeness (but not too much in his likeness) by Denver-based artist, Alan Anderson: “As you can see the detail is amazing,” she explains. “He is REALLY GOOD—and FAST!”

Natasha released a photo from this shoot back in November a lot of people, like 17,000 people, dug on it, so now, for you, TSJ debuts the full set of images for your viewing pleasure.

Natasha tells us, “It is crazy to think I am completely naked!”

Hey, it’s not so crazy, Natasha! It’s cool.

Check out the accompanying sexy body paint video, below:

See more of Natasha on her website: