Natalia Siwiec Says Happy New Year

Natalia SiwiecShe does, quite literally, say it on her Twitter page — the most recent entry at this hour is “Happy new year! All the best!!!!!”

So she does, and we do, wish you a happy 2013. But in a more specific sense, the vision of Natalia Siwiec in this line of underwear tells you that this year, which is very new at this moment, ought to be a happy one. She’s wearing the 2013 Alles Lingerie Glamour Collection, and to us it is a signifier and harbinger of abundance. May your 2013 be a brimming brassiere of good fortune and prosperity, may you reap money and happiness by the handful. By the top-hatful. By the 34D cupful.

Natalia made a splash at Euro 2012; the Polish lingerie model urged on her team and became a fan favorite of people who didn’t give a flying fig about European soccer — which (according to our demographics) probably means you or people like you. Now she’s back and better than ever, showing that Poland not only produces ridiculously hot models (see also Joanna Krupa, Marta Krupa, Monika Pietrasinska, Magdalena Frackowiack, etc.) but makes a nice bra ‘n panty set as well.

You know what we think? We think 2013 might be a pretty damn good year.

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