Natalia Siwiec is Poland’s Larissa Riquelme at Euro 2012

Natalia SiwiecAnd you’re like “Whaaaa…?”

“Larissa whooo…?”

“Euro whaaa…?”

Ok, let’s look back two years ago, at the World Cup in South Africa, when a particular fan of the Paraguay team got a lot of attention for her breastacular support of her country’s team. Passionately cheering on the sideline, cell phone handily stored in her cleavage, that woman was Larissa Riquelme. Here’s one of the images that created the buzz:

Larissa Riquelme

Larissa Riquelme-mania broke out on the internets. Paraguay had a good run, but lost to Spain in the quarterfinals. And then a few months later we got this:

Larissa Riquelme

Larissa on the cover of Brazilian Playboy.

At Euro 2012, which is like the World Cup but without the rest of the world, the buzzed-about cleavagey babe fan is Natalia Siwiec, a Polish model who was captured cheering on her team in low-cut Poland-boosting garb. Will we see her on the cover of Polish Playboy months from now? Maybe. Here are some pictures of her doing her day job, which is selling swimsuits and underwear. Go Poland.