Natalia Siwiec Heralds the Polish Model Apocalypse

Natalia Siwiec
Question: What do Polish bikini models and zombies have in common?

Answer: By the time you realize how many there really are, it’s too late.

Just a week ago, we were telling you about Dagmara Bajura. And you may recall a girl named Monika Pietrasinska. And you could even go back to Joanna Krupa and Iga Wyrwal, and throw in Magdalena Frackowiak, Ewelina Olczak, Anya Rubik — the list goes on and on.

And on and on. And on and on.

Before you know it, you are overrun. It’s World War P. They are breaking down your doors, crashing through your windows. You cannot escape. You thought it was just handful, but no — it is an army.

This was the eerie feeling we had today when we went trolling for new girlie action: It was oddly familiar girlie action. Natalia Siwiec is back. She keeps coming back. She can’t be stopped. And while you were busy processing Dagmara Bajura, Natalia Siwiec was just getting stronger and waiting to pounce.

Is this the way the world ends? A vast horde of Ewas, Magdalenas and Anyas, crushing us all in a relentless bronzed human wave flecked with pushup bras and scrunch-butt bikinis?

God, we can only hope. Come and get us, Natalia. We are not afraid. (Pictures of Natalia in Mewa swimwear come from