Montana Wildhack—er, Fishburne

Montana Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana stars in Montana Exposed, an adult film to be released by Vivid Entertainment on Tuesday. Oh, not again—another celebrity-offspring sex tape sold by an unscrupulous ex-boyfriend, right? Er, not exactly. This is a porno, a completely intentional and premeditated porno, as Montana tells People:

“I am not in porn to get into acting. I am in porn because I wanted to be in porn.”

Not a lot of ambiguity there. We’d never condemn anyone for this sort of career choice, although we do advise them to be realistic. In response to the question How does daddy feel…

“I hope it’s not hurting him. It wasn’t done to hurt him,” she says. “But I think it will take time and talking through the issues. Eventually, I hope he will be proud of me.”

As for her porn star name—eh, a bit derivative. As far as we’re concerned, naming a daughter Montana signifies early on that a career in porn, though not inevitable, may be an option. (We refer to the only porn star you will ever encounter in an AP English course, Montana Wildhack.) But back to the article—most of the 300-ish comments are predictably harsh, but a few who’ve seen the film break what may be, so to speak, the story behind the story:

“I saw some of her sex tape with my BF and she got booty pox on her azz!”

Booty pox. Good night, and good luck.

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