Monika Pietrasinska Does Bras and Panties Good

You’ve seen Monika Pietrasinska hanging around here before — in a bunch of Lupo swimsuits and undies that somehow made her dumpy, shapeless figure look superb.

Ha! Just kidding. Monika Pietrasinska is so ridiculously sexy and deliciously curvy that she could model girdles made of burlap or Depression-era bloomers and dudes would be like “Wow, such a flattering cut, maybe I should get a pair for the missus.”

(Also: We are sure there is a burlap fetish and a bloomer fetish, so a couple of you sickos just popped a blood vessel at that image.)

And in fact you may have seen Monika in the current (May) issue of Playboy. No? Run git it son, it will be off newsstands in just a few days.

Here is Monika in fine form doing her bread and butter gig — making probably-good lingerie look really freaking good. The pictures are for the Polish brand Axami, and here’s an example of a country exploiting its natural resources. Monika is in the great Polish modeling tradition of Natalia Siwiec and Joanna Krupa.

Who needs to import leggy and bronzed Victoria’s Secret Angels from Ipanima? Seems every street corner in Warsaw and potato field in Silesia is stocked with professional-grade lingerie babes.

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