Monika Pietrasinska Cannot Be Improved by Science

Monika Pietrasinska
Here we go again. Monika Pietrasinska + Lupoline swimwear = you have got to be kidding.

Polish beauty Monika Pietrasinska is what we call (as of this writing) a Weird Science babe. Remember when those two geeks (played by actors Anthony Michael Hall and Never Seen Again) were sitting in their room, computer hooked up (what was that, an Apple II?), bras on their heads, debating what their ideal, computer-created, flawless woman ought to look like. Height, hair color, size of breasts. It is just this sort of discussion that would result in a girl like Monika Pietrasinska.

(They came up with Kelly LeBrock, which ain’t bad.)

Are we pushing it if we call this woman flawless? Really, try to find a flaw. Other than a name that is slightly hard to spell, we got nothing.

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