Monday Wasabi: Congrats to Saki and the Japanese World Cup Team

Saki YamaguchiWe were sad to see our beloved Hope Solo and the rest of the USA squad go down to the Japanese team in the final of the World Cup on Sunday. But you have to like that Japanese team’s moxie. Down a goal twice, they came back to win it on penalty kicks, and when Saki Kumagai put the winning shot past our beloved Hope you couldn’t say they didn’t deserve the win.

If only we had photos of Saki Kumagai in a bikini, we would be sharing the hell out of them with you right now. The best we can do is bring you Saki Yamaguchi, who is spelled almost the same.

We don’t know whether she plays soccer, but she takes a good picture, doesn’t she? Proud of her butt, it seems.