Miss Taiwan USA Jennifer Gonzalez Gets Sexy

Jennifer GonzalezIt’s not often that we get to objectify photographers. Models, actresses, singers–sure, we’ll objectify their business all day long. But the person behind the camera is usually some bearded middle-aged man wearing a vest with many pockets and a bandanna doo-rag. So when a photographer is a woman in the same league as the babes she shoots, well that’s to be celebrated.

So you will have to pardon us if every time we bring up Krystle Lina’s photography we go off on our mini-crush on Krystle herself. Yes, our friend Krystle has sent us a batch of her latest work, photographs of a very beautiful model named Jennifer Gonzalez. Krystle is a Playboy model turned Playboy Radio–and Smoking Jacket–photographer. She looks like this:

Krystle Lina, photographer

Clear on that? And then this is the model Krystle shot, Jennifer Gonzalez:

Jennifer Gonzalez

And again this is the photographer, Krystle Lina:

Krystle Lina, photographer

Jennifer Gonzalez was Miss Taiwan USA 2010 and finished in the top five for Miss Asia USA. She’s been in FHM magazines all over the world, and here she is chilling out with Tera Patrick — Krystle Lina’s pictures of her are below: