Miss Social Girls: Two Are Better Than One


Miss Social June, Rachael Morgan @misscharmingxo

In honor of the Miss Social August contest starting today, we’re bringing you a feature on your reigning Miss Social and her predecessor. Double your pleasure, double your fun!

Last week we were lucky enough to have Miss Social June, Rachael Morgan and the newly crowned Miss Social July, Bre Marie at Playboy Headquarters.

Rachael was in town shooting her Playboy pictorial-available shortly for your consumption-and she invited Bre along for the ride. These two sexy brunettes had never met until we brought them to Chicago and united them for a weekend of fun, Playboy style.

It’s a Miss Social love story: girl joins online contest, girl meets girl that looks just like her, girl and girl become our sexiest best friend duo ever. Endless phone dates and two months later, they are inseparable-you’re welcome.

Check out some photos from their journey and head over to the app to help crown the next Miss Social here.