Getting to Know the Playboy Miss Social June Semi-Finalists


We already know all of the Miss Social June Semi-Finalists are smoking hot, but what makes them tick? Get to know the girls behind the bikinis and lingerie before you vote for them. If one of the answers tickles your fancy, show them a little love and appreciation by voting for them here. If you don’t vote, you have nothing to complain about if your pick doesn’t win and you don’t get to see her super sexy Playboy Pictorial like March’s winner, ChelsieAryn’s.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

“A Jaguar, roawr ;) ” – Meghann Kenney

“I would be a Tiger, I can be super lazy and sleep all day but I have a wild side” – Taryn Maria

“A Monkey! I was a gymnast so I’m very flexible & like to swing around and play:)” –Ellen Fate

“A fox, of course!” – Sam Fox


“Someone who can make me laugh, and smells good!” – Alexa De Lugo

“Intelligence, a nice ass, and sexy eyes” – Cassandra Bryant

“After a few glasses of wine…anything ;) ”- Jenni Andersen (Best answer by far)

“I love massages!! That gets my engine going!!” –Tawny Young

“When my neck is being kissed, that is a big turn on for me!!” –Brittany Hammond

“What turns me on is two girls kissing muah!” – Scarleth Zelaya

What did you do for your last birthday?

“Flew to Miami- but ended up walking through a Burger King Drive-thru for dessert!” – Jenni Andersen

“I was at work when my Cousin surprised me with a Little Person D.J. dressed like Elvis! Best Birthday ever!!” –
Tawny Young

Craziest thing you did to get votes:

“Tweeted some racy photos!” –Meghann Kenney (we’d like to see them please!)

“Made a sign and paraded around on the river on a Jet Ski campaigning for myself!” – Amy Seelye

“Tweeted flirty photos with my voting link written on my body!”- Brooke Winn (Again, let’s see ‘em!)

Celebrity crush:

“Greg Kenear, seriously, I love him!” – Samantha Ramirez

“My #1 is Ashton Kutcher, my #2 is Hef and I hope to meet him someday!” – Cassandra Bryant

“Michael Jackson!!!” –Catherine Strasbourg

“Julian McMahon…yummy” – Aiyana Nicole

“Carmen Electra” – Adrienn Levai (Nice choice!)

“You put me in a room with Johnny Depp and I might not come out…for hours.” – Angela Nichole

Favorite Playmate of all time:

“Mei-Ling Lam, because she is from my home state, Maine!” – Meghann Kenney

“Claire Sinclair is my favorite because she’s real, down to earth and always keeps it classy” – Alexa De Lugo

“Sara Jean Underwood, she’s so cute and real!” – Kelly Baze

“Jessa Hinton Miss July 2011, I loved her interview and of course she is gorgeous!” – Brooke Winn

“Sara Jean Underwood because she seems genuine, sweet, down to earth and has a rockin’ bod obviously:)” –Ellen

“My all-time favorite will always be the iconic Pamela Anderson. She just has a massive amount of sex appeal.” –
Nicolle Ashlynn

“My favorite playmate is Stephanie Adams she was playmate in 1992 she is super smart and sexy as well. We both
are mixed with 3 different races so I feel I can relate to her” – Kashia Howard

Words to live by:

“Let’s do it! We only live once!” – Amy Seelye

“Try everything twice” – Aiyana Nicole

“Want it done right? Do it yourself.” – Angela Nichole

“Get on with it or get on out!” – DeAnna Vargo-Hackett

“Think big thoughts, but relish small pleasures”- Kashia Howard

“Karma’s a bitch”- Sam Fox

Random fact about yourself:

“I feel the most creative & most energetic at nighttime” – Sara So Cal

“I’m a swing dancer!” – Samantha Ramirez

“I love wearing knee high socks!”- Cassandra Bryant

“I have 9 tattoos” – Taryn Maria

“I would so rather have a beer and a campfire than wine and a candlelit dinner any day!” – Elizabeth Jean

“I speak Danish fluently”- Jenni Andersen

“I am extremely afraid of people in gorilla suits!” – Kelly Baze

“I can touch my tongue to my nose!” – Brooke Winn

“I love to be naked” – Adrienn Levai (we love that you love that)

“I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was 12 years old.” – Nicolle Ashlynn

“I LOVE Lord of the Rings! The Battle at Helm’s Deep in The two Towers is the most epic battle scene ever” – Sam