Miss Social July: Getting to Know the Semi-Finalists

miss social mainEach month we introduce you to a new crop of Playboy Miss Social hopefuls, and July is no exception. This time we’re delivering some hard-hitting investigative journalism and a glimpse into the lives of the July Semi-Finalists.

From skinny dipping to hugging packages, these girls are definitely not shy. The take-away? These girls think they can’t dance, but we’re willing to bet that their renditions of the Running Man more than fulfill the sexy dance moves requirement. Take advantage of their openness and get to know the girls before you vote for one of them to pose for Playboy. After all, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, especially when all of the covers look like these girls!

When you’re done discovering what makes these sexy girls tick, head over to the Miss Social page and make your picks here.

JocelynFavorite summer activity

“Playing 18 holes of golf!” – Erica DuFour

“Tanning topless and skim boarding with the boys!” – McKenzie Hutson

“Float trips, cold beer and Jello shots. Plus wet girls in bikini’s!” – Alanna Whitehouse

“Boating and working on my tan!” – Kelley Chumney

“I love to lay out by the pool, topless! Can’t have any tan lines!” -Ashley Dawn

“Swimming in the pool- I am a real water baby!” –Laura Elizabeth

“Swimming! I’m in the sun which I love and staying wet also!” –Erin Fox

“Surfing!” –Taryn Maria

“Hiking with my Husky puppy and laying on the beach!” –Katrina Waller

“Skinny dipping of course!” –Natalie Ann

Signature dance move

“None, I’m a terrible dancer. The only move I know is the running man!” –Tehmeena Afzal

“The split: it’s always sexy and can be used in any genre of dance!” –Rose Young

“None, professional wrestlers can’t dance lol!” –Trina Mason

“Shimmey and shake. I’m such a white girl on the dance floor, but I love to dance!” – Eve Dawes

“The ‘hoola hoop” I can move my hips like a tornado!” – Melissa Anne Teixeira

“Moonwalk, because I love MJ so much!” – Catherine Strasbourg

“Drop it like it’s hot!” – Kelley Chumney

“Booty shaking!” – Alexa De Lugo

“The bump and grind…” –Jilly Blaire

“Not really sure, but I’m told it’s all about my hips!” – Mandy Mascaro

First date horror story

“My date lost his wallet and I had to pay for everything, I was 14…so it sucked” – Tehmeena Afzal

“We were out on a date just finishing up and we stop ad McDonalds and the mother fu*ker left me there! Thank god for the golden arches!” – McKenzie Hutson

“He showed up late with his mom driving!” – Shanelle Leigh

“I went to dinner with a guy and all he did was talking about how he just got out of prison…there was not a second date.”- Samantha Reeves

“I went to the boy’s house to pick him up for our first date and he had cats, I’m allergic. My face swelled up and I looked an ass!” – Stephanie Thaxton-Gudith

“Nothing like going on a date and while walking down the street a homeless woman screamed at us and called us some pretty awful names…” –Angela Nichole

Boxers or briefs?

“Boxers: give them boys some room to breathe!” – Rose Young

“I like both as long as they’re not tighty whiteys or thongs, I’m happy!” –Ana DeLima (amen, sister)

“I’d normally say fitted boxers, but either can look fantastic on the right body! Just leave the banana hammocks out of the picture!” –Eve Dawes

“I definitely prefer boxers. In my experience, the guys that wear them are more laid back!” –Brit Bliss

“Boxers are a must, they aren’t too snug and they give a man a different edge!” –Siera Capesius

“Briefs, they hug the package nicely!” –Ellen Fate

“Boxer briefs; the best of both worlds!” –Katrina Waller

Favorite movie

“Gladiator” –Alanna Whitehouse

“My favorite movie of all time is Star Wars. I’m totally a Star Wars geek! I was a female Darth Vader for Halloween, light saber and all!” -Melissa Anne Teixeira

“I have to say Back to the Future!” –Catherine Strasbourg

“Sherlock Holmes. There’s something so sexy about a super smart, perceptive guy!” –Brit Bliss

“500 days of summer, it’s a love story but doesn’t have your happy ending!” –Alexa De Lugo

“Casablanca and Armageddon!” –Taryn Maria

Dream job

“Being a Playboy Playmate! I went to the LA last November and was hysterical when I saw just the ROOF of the Mansion!” –Crystal Lynne

“ESPN broadcaster for baseball!” –Erica DuFour

“Working with Adam Sandler at Happy Madison Productions, I love to laugh and he just seems like the coolest boss ever! I was going to say Playboy just because I love what it stands for, but figured that might sound like I’m sucking up lol” –Ana DeLima

“Entertainer for the troops, they do a lot for us and our country and I would love to see them enjoy themselves!” –Jilly Blaire

“Aside from being a Playmate? Owning my own boutique!” -Jocelyn Grace

“To work with Playboy as much as possible! Acting, modeling for magazines. When I was a kid, an Astronomer! –Mandy Mascaro

Best gift you’ve ever received

“My first Bunny Rabbit, if you know what I mean!” –Alanna Whitehouse (we’re pretty sure she’s not talking about animals…)

“My Camera. I love taking pictures!” –Crystal Lynne

“My dog, I was going through a rough time and she was the perfect thing to cheer me up!” –Angela Nichole


“Twiztid Trina Mason” -Trina Mason

“Shantastic!” –Shanelle Leigh

“Skipper (no not Gilligan’s Island, it’s Barbie’s kid sister)!” –Samantha Reeves

“Siera Mist or Siera Leone!” -Siera Capesius

“Foxy!” –Erin Fox

Now that you’ve heard what they have to say, see what they have to offer!