Miss June 2006, Stephanie Larimore, in Barely-There Body Paint

TSJ talks to a classic Playboy beauty about modeling, almost-naked escapades in the great outdoors, and soaping off all that body paint.

You’re welcome.

Miss June 2006

The Smoking Jacket: Is this the first time you’ve done pictures with body paint?

Stephanie Larimore: Yes it was my fist time photographed in body paint. however, I was body-painted once before, for Hef’s Mid Summer Nights Dream party.

TSJ: How long does it take to apply?

SL: It took about an hour to do, which was surprising to me.

TSJ: Does it feel strange when people are applying the paint on your more sensitive bits?

SL: It didn’t feel strange, just a little cold.

TSJ: Did you guys shoot the pics outside? Anything risky happen?

SL: We shot the pics outside at an actually baseball field. We had a few onlookers but it didn’t seem to bother them at all.

TSJ: Does it take a long time to wash the body paint off? Do you need a lot a lot of soap for that purpose? Or just a medium amount of soap?

SL: It took quite a while to get the paint off. I must have scrubbed for 30 mins and red paint was all over my shower curtain.

TSJ: What else are you up to, when you’re not being secretly naked in body-painted duds?

SL: I work as an esthetician and beauty advisor, and I still do work for Playmate Promotions on the side.

TSJ: What was your first Playboy?

SL: My first Playboy was a copy signed by Hef…it had Pamela Anderson on the cover. I had it framed. It’s a gorgeous cover!

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